Double Engine | New HD Official Kannada Movie Trailer | Chikkanna | Suman Ranganath

Double Engine | New HD Official Kannada Movie Trailer | Chikkanna | Suman Ranganath


With no real goal in life except for wanting to be rich, three boys set out to make enough money by using various shortcuts. Their aim lands them into a series of interesting yet funny incidents, which they keep falling in and out of, forming the crux of the story.


Watch New HD Official Trailer from the movie Double Engine. Starring: Chikkanna, Suman Ranganath, Sadhu Kokila, Dattanna & Others Exclusive Only On Anand Audio..!!!


Double Engine is a Kannada movie. The movie is directed by Chandra Mohan and featured Chikkanna, Suman Ranganathan and Sadhu Kokila as lead characters



A film trailer with double meaning in ‘Double Engine’ was released on Monday night at SRV theatre in Malleswaram. The double meaning is not throughout the film and to attract the masses this trailer gives such opinion says director Chandramohan.

Chandramohan has the comedy taste as his first film ‘Bombay Mitayi’ gathered good response in the box office. He is up to another comedy flick with famous comedy actor Chikkanna as mainstay in the film. It is on Chikkanna invitation to do another film after ‘Bombay Mitayi’, director Chandramohan arrived at the script of ‘Double Engine’.

Not ready to reveal what ‘Double Engine’ is, director Chandramohan says the title has the clue to the entire film. ‘Double Engine’ is used in different ways in the society. We have something else for the title that you have to watch it on silver screen he said. Suman Ranganath is in important role with Sadhu Kokila, Dattanna, Achyuth Kumar, Suchindra Prasad and others.

Chikkanna, Prabhu and Ashok are three youngsters rocking in life in a short cut. They give up the agriculture of ancestors to make good money in short time.

Producer Arun Kumar, Madhusoodhan and Manjunath Nanjappa are happy for investment on this film and presence of Chikkanna makes them free for return. Music director Veer Samarth has done music for four songs – a small issue told not seriously but packed with humor is the attempt of this film he says.

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