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New Movie Trailers

Latest New Movie Trailers 2018:

Interesting and exciting movies coming soon. To know the latest new movie trailers look into the list of all latest English movies that will be released in 2018. You can watch the trailers and reviews.

List of New English Movies:

1. Black Panther :

T’Challa’s father dies and hence T’Challa returns home; to the African nation of Wakanda. Here he tries to attain his position as a king. Suddenly a powerful enemy reappears and now T’Challa had to resolve the issue as a king. Called as a Black Panther he gets tested. He is put to the vigorous test when the conflict decides the fate of Wakanda and the entire world but everything at a risk. The Black Panther strives to defeat his enemies and secures his fellows.

2. Annihilation

It is a science fiction English movie. The movie is full of adventure, drama and fantasy. The storyline goes this way, a biologist signs up for a dangerous, adventures. As the biologist proceeds find some unexpected secret situation. The expedition laws of nature don’t apply in the journey. This creates fear and anxiety but they will face it ! to know more click on the link.

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