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Ondu Motteya kathe(Story of an Egg)_cinespotlight

Ondu Motteya Kathe – Story of an egg (2017)

U | 2h 4min | Comedy, Drama | 7 July 2017 (India)

Director: Raj Shetty
Writers: Raj Shetty
Stars: Shailashree Mulki, Raj Shetty, Deepak Rai Panaje

 Story of an egg
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An Ondu Motteya Kathe Kannada movie lecturer from Mangalore who is an introvert comes to know from an astrologer that if he doesn’t get married within a year then he would attain sanyasa. This makes him desperate to get married. But all the proposals that his family had bought was in vain as he was not that great looking physically. The story evolves around various situations he had to face while searching for the bride.

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