Wild Karnataka

Wild Karnataka is a drama movie directed by Amoghavarsha. Narrated by David Frederick Attenborough.

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 17-Jan-2020

Language: English

Stars: David Frederick Attenborough

In the south India, there is an incredible wilderness. Despite being just 5% of India`s landmass, the state of Karnataka is home to one quarter of India`s species.

Wild Karnataka travels through the diverse terrains of this state – from mountains to deserts and jungles to oceans following the lives of some of the world`s favorite animals as their fortunes change across the seasons whilst they wait for the return of nature`s most powerful seasonal force – the monsoon.

This documentary recorded behaviours that had never been filmed, and many that had rarely been seen. From otters chasing tigers to an Indian leopard hunt and dancing frogs to drone footage of elephants and tigers – Wild Karnataka provides an exceptional insight into the country`s natural history.